52 Date night ideas

Ways to keep things interesting for first dates, last dates, or everything inbetween.

Whether you live in the city, the suburbs or the county, it’s always helpful to have some options to keep things interesting. Maybe it’s your first date, maybe it’s your last (and you just don’t know it yet)…but that’s not important. What is most important is the person you’re with. Secondly is the  location and the mood  (and not having monotony). When things get stagnant, it all goes down hill. You don’t want that do you?

Here’s some suggestions to try and prevent that or keep things interesting:

  1. Locally owned coffee shops
  2. Barnes and Noble (or other bookstores)
  3. Hiking in the metroparks
  4. Boating
  5. Canoeing
  6. Watching the sunrise/sunset on the lake
  7. The art museum
  8. Going out for ice cream
  9. Rollerskating
  10. Ice Skating
  11. Camping
  12. Sled Riding/Having a snowball fight
  13. Concerts
  14. Local theater
  15. Drive-in movies
  16. Wine Bar
  17. Local wineries
  18. Poetry readings
  19. Comedy Clubs
  20. Baseball games
  21. County Fairs & festivals
  22. Orchards/Apple Picking
  23. Pumpkin patches
  24. Haunted Houses
  25. Four wheeling
  26. Skiing or snowboarding
  27. Taking a class together
  28. The local zoo
  29. Going to the Gym together
  30. Football Games
  31. Trying a new restaurant
  32. Making food together (yes, together!)
  33. Getting massages
  34. Cycling
  35. Laying under the stars
  36. Rock Climbing
  37. Scavenger Hunts
  38. Game Nights (Monopoly, Clue, Etc.)
  39. Paddle Boarding
  40. The tattoo shop
  41. Local music venues
  42. Shopping together
  43. Visiting haunted places/sites
  44. Hockey Games
  45. Basketball Games
  46. The orchestra/jazz orchestra
  47. Ballet or Opera
  48. Shopping for sex toys/accessories
  49. Visiting a brewery
  50. “Crashing” a random wedding
  51. Playing hide and seek in a corn field
  52. Skinny dipping

Granted, you can’t do all of these but it’s one hell of a bucket list to shoot for. That would cover at least one a week for a year. Now you have no reason to say you don’t know what to do on your date night. Just pick one and cross it off.Loriblu

And remember… it’s not always about you as much as it is about the other person. Sometimes you have to do things your partner likes that you don’t, because being a good partner means making sacrifices and being supportive of each other, even if it doesn’t make you happy. Keep that in mind and feel free to add your own in the comment section.


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