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Out of the Woodwork

Ever have someone reappear into your life after an absence? A brief rundown of what you need to consider before letting them back in.
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It’s always funny to me how people will “forget” about you until they are lonely.

They don’t consider you relevant until you’re gone. Makes you start to question yourself initially but then out of nowhere you get the random “I miss you,” texts or a “Hey, ” out of nowhere, like all of a sudden someone decided to have an epiphany or regrets.

People come crawling out of the woodwork like bugs or vermon suddenly ready to make an appearance when this whole time you thought you were free from this infestation.

And nobody likes bugs or vermon. But people do love strays and helpless creatures that need love and attention. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. 

I know that if some random animal shows up uninvited to my home, chances are they’re not alone.  They always travel in packs. And I start questioning what I might have overlooked to keep these invaders out. And why is it always more than just one? Like we don’t have enough to think about as it is. 

And like other parasites,  they’re there to feed off of you. They don’t take into account what they’re doing to your infrastructure, or the potential damage that’s been  caused. They’re desperate and hungry, ready to latch on to whatever you have available, usually when you seem to be finally building a stronger foundation.

Pests. That’s all they are. Spineless bugs, rodents or worms who will eat away at whatever seems fresh and whole, not taking into account the potential damage it might cause. 

I don’t know about you but…I’m not a big fan of bugs or pests. They are destructive and inconsiderate and ultimately unwelcome. 

Mice, bats and squirrels are cute. But they’re also incredibly dangerous and hazardous to your wellbeing if you get bit or they chew on your energy supply. That’s a huge hazard and things can short circuit.  This unexpected spark can burn your whole damn house down in a matter of minutes.

 Sometimes they’ll hide in your foundation for months before boldly  coming out and by then,  there’s already underlying hazards waiting to be discovered,  sometimes even after being trapped or set free. 

So I urge you to ask yourselves:  is this really worth it? What’s the risk? 

Because some things are better left to die over wasting your time snd energy hunting and trapping them after they show their faces again.  

If it serves no purpose,  it doesn’t belong there. 

Don’t be afraid to ask others to evacuate to keep your own piece of mind and safekeeping.  Not all who crawl into your most intimate spaces are welcome or invited, and its up to you to decide the end condition of your your home.

And at the end of the day, home is your safe place… your peace. 

Why jeopardize that for…a pest?

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