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 Portland to Seattle

Traveling on a whim from Cleveland to the West Coast. Wanderlust for a friend vacation (in the making). Flights are booked, the rest is not. Your ideas?

Well, I did it. Tax returns came in and after a year of slaving away in the workplace I decided to book a vacation for my best friend and I. I’ve been saying I needed it and I absolutely do. My quest for moving forward in my life has brought many new goals and endeavors to add to my bucket list, so these will be a few I can now cross off.

Our flights are scheduled for mid July to Portland, OR and we’ll have to get a rental car (something Ive never done). Along the way to Cannon Beach, I plan to see the lavender festival and red wood trees, maybe a winery or so. 

Not really sure of the lodging arrangements at this point, but im sure we’ll iron everything out.

From Cannon Beach (which is about an hour and forty minutes West of Portland) , we can head up North to Olympic National Park, WA. 

The scenery here looks absolutely breathtaking and we will finally end up in Seattle.

 Again, not much is figured out yet as far as lodging or details, but were hoping to see some famous spots like the original starbucks or places relative to the late Kurt Cobain. 

I find that a lot of the best times are those that are unexpected or unforecasted, as putting too much of an expectation on things often leads to a disaster. 

Over the next few months we’ll have more time to get an idea of the exact itinerary and other expenses yet unsaved or unplanned for. And with that there is a bit of anxiety,  with the fear of the unknown, as there always is to some degree.

What are your recommendations or thoughts regarding sites or places worth catching along the way? We will have three full days between both states. 

Feel free to comment below and lend me some suggestions/insight. 

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