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The Sun & the Sea

The painful realization that chemistry alone, is not always enough. Or misunderstanding a situation to be more than what it is.

I never prepared myself for you. You caught me off guard and I gave you piece by piece slowly, not a moment too soon. I was bright eyed and hopeful, that we could become one in a matter of moments, uncalculated but nonetheless.

I feel like you were the sun and I was the sea. You reflected your light onto me with no regard as to how or why it was happening. And with every passing moment, we became closer until you and I collided, with a warmth that any would have admired who might have witnessed.

But you, like the sun, faded in and disappeared. Your essence dissipating into the waves that became of the evening tide. And I allowed it, as it only seemed natural. We gradually became drawn to one another, inevitably, and I tried to prepare myself for that moment. 

But now im alone in this darkness that is otherwise known as night, waiting on you to rise again, and possibly fall, in what feels like eternity. And while the moon shines on me in the distance trying to pull me in, all I can really think of is you.

I guess some things in nature only occur rarely, like shooting stars or the northern lights. I guess I thought this was different, as we were naturally drawn to one another in spite of our nature to be on our own. For even so, you can always still share pieces of each other.  Well, maybe more so the sea takes more from the sun. As it doesn’t necessarily have anything to offer in return. But it always comes back, right?

You can leave and be free. Shine on your own and ill admire you from afar until you return. Its only an illusion that you’d actually belong to me, as in the morning youll go on your way. And i suppose i was silly for believing we had something special, as the sun sets on many other bodies of water who also all probably feel unique at that moment.

I guess I just thought we had something special, and different when you never truly were mine to begin with. How silly I was to be blinded by your light.

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