Relationships and dating

Forced Goodbyes

Be careful who you push away. 

Not everyone is willing or able to return to you when you decide that you miss them.

You see, the heart is a funny thing. We offer parts of ourselves to others in hopes that they’ll give us something in return. Perhaps its an attempt to be understood, validated, or connected on a level with someone. Perhaps its out of wreckless disregard and naive hopefulness that has no substantial grounds other than blind faith. But we do it,  sometimes willingly, sometimes subconciously. And to have someone shun our openness creates a wall that wasn’t otherwise fully erected, if present at all.

So when you write someone off who opened themselves to you, be prepared for what time and healing can do to them. They will learn to accept your emotional absence and walk away with or without disregard to what your intentions were, as those may or may not have been forthcoming. 

And when they do, you may be left with an emptiness that identifies with a similar part of yourself you were unwilling to uncover or expose.  And it will be at that very moment you will realize you are alone. 

So if and when you decide that you are sorry or missing that part of them that was otherwise offered with love, it will be absent, as will they. 

Be careful with your bricks when building your walls. Not everyone who stands before you deserves to have them thrown at them or placed so highly that they can’t cross those barriers. For when you build up those walls, its often difficult to truly visualize who is on the other side, even if their intentions are not to break you… some are there patiently waiting to enter without trying to cause chaos to your presence with those bricks you have at hand.

And when you do decide to peek out again, they will be long gone.

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