Relationships and dating

Damaged People

Our society is so damaged beyond belief.  We live in a world where its more socially acceptable to hide your feelings than to risk being hurt, condemning others for effort and vulnerability because of our own fears and insecurities. The minute things start becoming “real” is a red flag for us to run and hide. So we push people away who care about us because we dont want to get hurt or attached, for fear of what could possibly go wrong, not taking into account what might possibly go right. 

Is it just me or isn’t the point of seeing someone else to work towards the good? If someone puts themself out there to tell you they care about you, wouldn’t that be a good thing? Because if the idea is to not get hurt, wouldn’t that indicate youre making a step in the right direction?

Unless of course you’re using someone and don’t care at all, and if that is the case, shame on you. People aren’t made to be disposable. We all have feelings and weaknesses, so how dare you use someone else for your own selfish pursuits not considering or caring about the consequences.  This isn’t a game. This is someone else’s life and heart you’re dealing with. And the last thing anyone needs is someone else toying with their emotions. 

I dont care what anyone says. At the end of the day, love is never a bad thing. In fact, the world needs more of it. And that is going to require letting your walls down when someone shows you that you mean something to them. Yes, being vulnerable sucks. Because you open up a part of yourself to someone else for them to crawl inside. That same part that was previously damaged and is in the process of healing…that part.  

But if you don’t,  you’ll just continue to hurt  and breed/spread hatred and insecurities,  projecting your fears onto others who shouldnt have to pay for someone else’s mistakes.  

If someone takes the time/effort to open up to you, that takes a lot of courage. We all have a past, and being that it is the past, we know its there for a reason. At least it should be. 

By holding on to pain and resentment, you allow that part of you to control you and prevent you from accepting love and happiness. 

At the end of the day, at some point, you hopefully will be able to ask yourself, “do the benefits outweigh the risks?” Because there are always going to be risks. Nothing is 100% in life. 

So I hope that when it comes down to it, you can distinguish the good from the bad, and not make people pay for someone else’s mistakes. Because there are good people out there, damaged or not, and you too, deserve to be loved and happy. 

And I promise you that if you shut out a good person who does truly care, youll look back later and wonder “what if?”, regretting the fact you were unwilling to let them in. And by then,  they might be happy with someone else who took the chance you refused to. And it will be too late.

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