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Building Bridges

A true story about success in spite of all odds and overcoming the fear of failure. Learning to believe in your dreams and make them come true.

By: Elle Alexander

​I watched a very inspiring/interesting show on the history channel today that talked about the life of some of our nation’s great entrepreneurs and their role in building America from the ground up. There was one specific story that stuck out to me the most which was the story behind the construction of the st. Louis bridge. If anyone needs to be inspired, this is a great episode to watch. 

It talks about the rise of a kid from a poor family (Andrew Carnegie) who was given an opportunity BC of his continual interest in learning and his thirst for growth, and how he built his life from nothing and quickly became one of the single most influentialand wealthiest  founding people of our nation, helping to (literally) bridge the East and West by building a structure that he was told couldn’t be built. He was given the task to make it happen and the resources available to him that usually were used weren’t strong enough to work. People thought he was crazy,  But he thought outside the box and wouldn’t take no for an answer,and found a way to not only build the nation’s largest bridge but also  strongest bridge by creating a way to use steel which had never been done prior. 

He didn’t do it alone and he didn’t give up. When he needed the help, he asked for it.

People laughed at him and told him to give up, that there was no way to make it work, and he refused. Because prior to that, steel was only used for jewelry and silverware. But… He found a way and he did it. 

He spent his entire savings building a dream that nobody else believed in. And he was successful… It took four years l, asking for help from investors and almost going bankrupt, but he did it.

However, even after it was constructed, he’d have to get people to use it or it all would be a waste. So how would he prove it was strong enough and stable enough to not collapse? Photo Credit

He used an elephant to demonstrate that the bridge was stable, because it was said that an elephant never crosses an unstable structure/area. So they opened the bridge with the elephant leading the way, and the people followed.

And they followed even after that, when he went to Chicago/NY and built the nation’s first skyscraper and hundreds of buildings to keep up with the demand for jobs. And he was successful again. Why? 

Because he believed in himself. And he didn’t quit. And he wasn’t too proud to ask for help.

Don’t ever give up on your dreams or yourself. Success doesn’t happen when you quit.  People will always doubt you. But the biggest difference between some of our greatest leaders and entrepreneurs is the fact that they would literally give their life savings to go after what they are passionate about, and they don’t take no for an answer. They find a way to make things happen. If you want something bad enough, you will too. 

I really think I’m going to frame a picture like this from that very day and put it in my home 💛

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