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The Problem with Revolving Doors

Reasons we should shut the door after a breakup and how to keep it closed.

By: Elle Alexander Revolving Door Heart: She Didn't Expect Her Love Affairs To LastPhoto Credit

Revolving doors are great in places like banks, malls, and  department stores. However, they have no business being present in your heart.

Sometimes we think we’re being nice by allowing people to stay in our life or maybe we’re confused as to what that person’s place is once things have ended.

If things don’t work out, it doesn’t mean you have to dislike someone; that still holds true, here.  You can respect someone and care about them without keeping in contact with them on a regular basis.

If you see them in public, by all means, say hello, be polite and treat them with kindness. Don’t get too personal, don’t ask too many questions… you’re strangers now more than friends. There’s a reason for that.

Why keep someone around that you once had feelings for if you’re actually trying to move on? What purpose does that serve, exactly? If you’re trying to move on and move forward, you can’t keep letting the same people in and out of your life. Because our heart is not meant to have revolving doors.

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As a matter of fact, the way the heart is built, there’s four “rooms” or chambers, divided by valves, which function as doors that open and close to prevent movement of blood in and out of the chambers when it doesn’t belong there. So even anatomically, the heart was made to open and close selectively so things can run efficiently.When we have problems with valves, or these “doors” we have disease and disorders that result from this dysfunction. Relationships are no different. A&P of the Heart

If you want to get over someone and feel better, you have to shut that door and change the locks. Don’t give that new key to the person you changed the locks for. Wait until you’re ready to give it to someone you trust to come inside your “home”, who isn’t going to rob you or hurt you while they’re present.

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Change it up inside. Make it like new again inside, and be selective who you let visit. Because not everyone deserves a place to stay. So Go turn on the radio, get your confidence back, start feeling good about yourself again and realize, goodbye isn’t always a bad thing. Best Songs About Moving On

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“Is it too late now to say sorry?” —Yes. Yes it is. Great song, but don’t fall back into that trap.

For more on this, check out the The New and Improved No Contact Rule


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