Relationships and dating

Seeking: Toxic Relationship 

Funny how we’re drawn to things (or people) that are completely bad for us. Why? Why do we find ourselves falling in love and trying to work things out with someone that treats us sub-par? 

Its like we’ve been programmed to enjoy it. Thats why we jump from one bad situation to the next. Because believe it or not, there’s some validity to that. We sort of are programmed or conditioned to behave or react in certain ways to circumstances similar to things weve already experienced. 

The hard part is this: the pleasure center is in the same area of the brain where pain is interpreted. It can be best understood as the brain misinterpreting the stimuli as opposite of what it actually is.

Source: Science Daily
It should be a no-brainer to avoid certain people or behaviors. But… its not. The truth is, just like with addiction, we can still be drawn to things or people that hurt us. 

Everyone around you that loves you will advise you against it… but… its not going to stop you.

They say it takes 45 days of consistent behavior to reprogram the brain. Were talking daily for forty five days before you truly accept change. So its much easier to regress than it is to reteach your mind whats best for it.

Reprogramming the Brain

Were also always making excuses for people in spite of evident red flags. Relationship Red Flags

So yeah, sometimes it isnt so easy just to move on…

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