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No Umbrella Big Enough

The ups and downs of a whirlwind romance that takes one by storm and how to come out of it feeling more alive than before.


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You came like the rain on a warm summers day. No umbrella big enough to shelter me from your storm. I prayed that it would quickly pass, since i’m one more for watching for inclement weather more so than partaking in it. But you sir… you were a monsoon… and I got swept away in the flood. Right before my eyes I was unencompassed from everything I knew to be safe and sound. My first instinct was fear of the unknown, as with anything else. Where was this taking me? Was I going to go under? Would I drown in you and all the waves that were overcoming me or would I learn to swim with the current and somehow adapt to it?

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But I didn’t have to worry about that. Because sooner or later, the storm slowed down. The sun made its way back out and the flood began to dissipate into thin air. Everything around me was slightly more damaged then before but…I was safe…And I was free.

I began to look forward to the sun coming out every day again. I kept crossing my fingers and looking up into the sky waiting for the light to hit my face and heal my heart. And everyday I started noticing things around me that were now brighter, mire vibrant and more beautiful than before that I must have taken for granted otherwise.


People always fear a force greater than themselves, but fail to recognize the metamorphosis that occurs from being engulfed in something beyond our initial recognizance.

And its funny because sometimes I picture myself being submerged under water while holding my breath, away from everything except  bent rays of light and muffled sounds. Where now the water wraps around me as a blanket… Like some sort of lucid daydream where I never have to resurface. Because in my dream, I choose how long to hold my breath and hide.


I have no problem with thunder, No problem with rain and no qualms with lightning. My problem is with the timing and having no choice in the path in which it engulfs me when im not a great swimmer and don’t have a life jacket.

I just wish I could have prepared better before it happened.

But even so, you can spend your whole life preparing and you still may never be ready. Not all storms are the same.

And some are down right worth every moment.


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