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Unfinished Business

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Sometimes you meet someone who brings out the warmth in you without even meaning to. They ignite a flame from the last bit of fuel you had left, and then there’s this incomparable energy you can’t ignore even if you try. Because now it’s part of you, and you of them and there’s no looking back because things have changed.

 And as everything starts burning, it becomes brighter and more enticing. And although we know we could get burnt if we got too close, we dance around like a moth above the flame, with paper wings.. until suddenly, were no longer afraid. We just keep dancing, fluttering, and being drawn in by the light and placidity that transforms into heat. 

I guess after being cold for so long it’s inviting to step towards the possibility of being burnt again to feel ignited. What is there left to lose?  Loneliness is a frigid way to live, and staying in a burning room certainly seems silly as well.

But some things you just can’t experience fully from the outside or at a distance. You have to become fully encompassed. 

So for what it’s worth, when it feels this good, I’ll risk going down in flames. I’ve been burnt before but never like this.

I’m actually enjoying it now. Perhaps I’m a pyromaniac at heart, and perhaps you are, too. 

By: Elle Alexander

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