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Making “mistakes”

They always say life doesn't come with an instruction book, right? That's a good thing...

December 7, 2016

When it comes to making decisions in life, its almost like taking a multiple choice test with unlimited bubbles to choose from, or even playing darts.
Just like when youre taking an exam, there’s always going to be times when you question those responses or second guess yourself. And there will be times when we thought we chose correctly but found out we were wrong. In hindsight, its much easier to say “I should have known better,” or “what was I thinking?” But its important not to look at the mistake or oversight as a failure.

We can either choose to dwell on our mistakes or go back and analyze them and move forward. Maybe we truly didn’t do our research on the topic or failed to take time to read the question and content. Making spur of the moment decisions without having time to weigh your options is a sure fire way to screw up. Whatever the case, it happens and if you were given the same test later, you’d probably have a better idea as to what you would have/should should have chosen and why. Hindsight bias at its finest, right?
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Nobody is perfect. Beating yourself up over something is counterproductive to moving forward. Personal growth and happiness are directly linked to your mindset and willingness to keep trying.

I personally believe for this reason, its good to make mistakes, so as long as you learn from them.

Life is full of choices and sometimes, we make them according to what answer seems best at that given moment. Sometimes its an educated guess and other times we may not have any clue on what to choose so its like playing darts with the lights off hoping to hit the bullseye…or maybe even just the target at all.

Only you get to decide if youre going to continue playing under those circumstances or if youre going to get up and play again with the lights on.

We can’t blame anyone else for our shortcomings when were the one holding the dart and executing the movement. But Just because you didn’t hit your target last time doesn’t mean you wont ever hit it. Figure out what you did to compromise your success and learn from it so the next time you play, your score improves.

People that are experts at things didn’t get there overnight and sure as hell didn’t stop trying. But if you want to give up and take a break, that’s your right. Just dont be mad at the players who are doing awesome or the other people getting straight A’s while you are sitting down feeling sorry for yourself instead of doing something about it.

By: Elle Alexander

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