Relationships and dating

You have no business being in a relationship if…

By: Elle Alexander

December 4, 2016

If you’re not willing to hurt, do stupid things, forget your pride, put someone else before you, accept someone’s flaws, open up completely…if you’re not a little bit terrified….if you’re not willing to work on things when they’re not going 100%, if you’re not willing to make sacrifices or not hold things over someone else’s head…or risk looking like a complete idiot to rectify something or make someone else happy… it’s not love. That’s called pride, that’s called Ego. That’s called work on yourself because you have no business being in a relationship until you can say the above.

 Love doesn’t try to hurt someone, smother them, make them feel inadequate, make them jealous, disrespect them. Love isn’t selfish or boastful. Love requires a lot more than most people want to put in… Like loyalty and effort. It’s not playing the field or having someone on the backburner. If that’s your idea of love, you might want to get some help and quit wasting someone’s time who deserves better or step it up and give the person what they deserve.

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